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Seek Wisdom

Each week, I share a weekly spiritual thought with my team. This week we talked about seeking wisdom.

This was a continuation of the thought I shared last week about forgiveness. Both are part of the 7 Decisions for Success from The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews.

“Knowing that wisdom waits to be gathered, I will actively search her out.”

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This week I shared with my team about Forgiveness.

I also made a book recommendation. I recommended The Traveler’s Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success by Andy Andrews.

I’ve enjoyed his books and this was the first of his that I read. Andy Andrews has a powerful personal story – one of tragedy and hardship. His parents both died when he was a young adult, and he ended up homeless and living under a pier in Orange Beach, Alabama. He began reading about the lives of great men and women and learned from their example, how to live a life of success. Now, years later he is a bestselling author and successful speaker.

One of the Seven Decisions that he discusses is what he calls “the compassionate decision.” This is the decision that says, “I will greet the day with a forgiving spirit.”
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Fresh Review: The Final Summit

I just finished Andy Andrews’ most recent book, The Final Summit, sequel to his bestseller The Traveler’s Gift. I really enjoy his books, and this one was no exception. I find that I learn something new with almost every page of his books.

You will probably get the most out of this book if you have already read The Traveler’s Gift or are at least familiar with the story of David Ponder and the seven decisions. The Final Summit once again follows David Ponder who, though now much older, once again is taken on a supernatural journey to meet with leaders from throughout history.
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