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Book Review: Dirty God

Johnnie Moore’s Dirty God had a lot of potential, but didn’t seem to quite live up to what I had expected. I agree with the core message of the book, that grace is for everyone, and Jesus is God who gets His hands dirty and comes down to a human level in order to bring us into a relationship with Him.

Despite my respect for Johnnie Moore and the work he’s doing at my alma mater, Liberty University, I was really pretty disappointed by this book.
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Who else is doing this?

Yesterday Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. announced that LU would be cutting its tuition rates in order to ease the burdens on students and families during hard economic times. (read the article here)

“Liberty University has been blessed with generous contributions over the last two years and this is our way of sharing that generosity with our students in a time of financial crisis and layoffs across the entire country,” said Falwell

From me:
I’m proud of my Alma Mater. The university is growing by leaps and bounds. They’ve had to temporarily cap resident enrollment at 11,500 so that the infrastructure can catch up to the growth (they were at about a third that size when I attended just four years ago).

Jerry Jr knows what’s going on in America and he wants LU to stay accessible to students. I admire that. Here’s my big question: How many other schools are going to step up and do the same?