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Leave a Legacy

A little over a week ago, we had a big retirement ceremony for my boss and mentor. We call him “Chappy” and he’s one of the best bosses I could have hoped to work for.LegacyTree

He is leaving our team to go back to the civilian world and pastor a church.

Our loss is their gain.

I wish him all the best.

Some other pastors spoke at Chappy’s retirement ceremony. The opening prayer was offered by a couple who mentored Chappy many years ago when he first entered the ministry. What’s amazing is that another local pastor also shared how this same couple had influenced him as he entered ministry. Both Chappy and this local pastor have a great influence in our community and beyond. But what struck me was the incredible legacy and influence of this couple who had invested in these two pastors and so many others.
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A New Year, Giving it Another Go

If I’m going to blog again, I guess I should give an update on what has happened since I last blogged.

2012 was a big year for me.

I guess things really started rolling in 2011.  About the time I stopped blogging here, I had decided to go “all in” for the ministry God had for me.  Having served part time in the church and part time in the military, I had the feeling that something had to give.  I volunteered for something that I had considered unthinkable before – spending six months away from my wife, serving on the other side of the globe alongside our fighting men and women.  I had about six months to prepare.  Then, in November, I quit my job at the church, Kelly and I moved out of our apartment and I got on a plane to the Middle East.

It was an incredible experience – one of great personal and professional growth for me.  I was uncertain about what God had for me after I got home, because there was no guarantee that I would have a full-time job in the Air Force, and I had no other prospects. 

Thankfully, God was paving the way for me.  I applied and competed for an Active Duty slot with the Air Force, and won what turned out to be the last of 23 slots for the year.  I returned to the States, and got to spend some great vacation time with my wife, and at the end of the summer we lived on an Air Force base in Texas until we got the assignment to head out to California.

The Central Coast of California was never where Kelly or I imagined we would find ourselves, but being here now, we are thrilled to see the work God has ahead of us.

I welcome you to follow our journey as we share what God is doing in our lives and ministry.

Christianity and Competition

Are these two mutually exclusive?  Should Christians be competitive or non-competitive.  I’m specifically thinking about sports.

There’s context here, so maybe I’d better explain myself.  Our church has a fantastic youth ministry.  One of the events that this ministry does every year is a youth flag football tournament.  Sunday afternoon our youth and their friends descended upon the local high school’s practice fields.  We had a great time.  The last games that were played pitted student ministry workers against the church staff team, and then the staff against the top student team.  I have to confess, our staff is really competitive.

So we won the game against the youth staff and played the final game against the students. We tied them and scored in the overtime on a trick play. Some folks expressed some disagreement with the running of a trick play, indicating that it was wrong for us to go so hard against the students. It’s true we played hard and didn’t pull any punches.

All this got me thinking, should Christians be competitive? Or should Christians instead encourage non-competitive pursuits and methods so that everyone can win?

I think of Paul, who often uses examples from sporting events in his letters. He talks about playing to win — he’s referring to how we live the Christian life. Does it then follow that Christians ought to “play to win?” Does this have anything to do with doing our best, or are the two unrelated?
What do you think?